The right website optimization (SEO)

adminAcquiring or creating a new site does not bring immediate commercial benefits. It still must find people on the Internet! It is necessary to fine tune the template, fill it with unique text, and wait for the flow of orders. Regional binding (specify location), registration of sites in Yandex and Google webmasters is mandatory. Creating a company card in the PS. Creating new articles (recommended uniqueness in the text is not less than 90%), correct arrangement of menu lines, processing of content in general, external design adjustment, navigation, accessibility to understanding. Doubles (copies) of materials are already many in the Internet, and it is not easy to achieve the uniqueness of the text.

Search engine optimization is the correct code, setting up a template and text. Competition on the Internet is more and more, this is a normal process, people show their business here, and website promotion in issuance is a chance to become a more successful company. Many firms more often prefer their own advertising sites, but also do business only in this way. Creating and promoting a large and unique online store leads many visitors. An interested customer, who can easily find you, buy or receive a service, can give positive feedback, and they also begin to play an effective role in attracting a customer.

Creating a relevant material structure will do the job, and the best issuing positions lead the buyer to your web project. There is one solution - you need a wizard to configure. The codes and texts of the sites can be well set up on their own, but is it necessary to follow the path already beaten by someone? Many of the people who are in the top 10 of the issue, are already earning, receiving orders ... they just pay for the development and configuration of their sites. Price for services is different, as well as productive work. Most people find the necessary material and services on the Internet. But people rarely go further than 10 lines as a result of issuance and find the necessary material here. As soon as you get the first customer, an understanding of the need for advertising comes.

Traffic only brings targeted users to your site, that is, those who are looking for and want to buy services. For the promotion of their services, there is a huge competitive struggle, I have been working in it for many years. The filtration masters in the market of our services are higher. A simple set of phrases in the browser line, leads the user of the global network to the site in the top 10, so you came here.

What makes a successful site optimization

  1. The buyer searches and finds your site;
  2. Finding selects services;
  3. Choosing, acquires.

(An external component is also required)

Three “whales” of effective advertising on the Internet, and showing something through a bunch of pop-up banners to everyone in a row how to offer an umbrella to a fish ... there is a reason for this if you find compensation for dubious clicks in one customer. Website promotion and advertising are two different things. It is almost impossible to buy the right items from the manufacturer, everything is given into the hands of dealers and outbid craftsmen. It is necessary to develop, but few manufacturers, to whom the market for services is available to the consumer, without intermediaries, but those who buy the services of others are needed. I refused to assist dealers and other muddy gentlemen, a principled practice.

Effective promotion of sites using content.

The more interesting and accessible understanding of the published material, the greater the chance to realize the services. The search engine does not see the external beauty of the style, the pictures of the template, it reads quality code, likes unique text and other new material. Internet promotion is not a trick, but a serious procedure.

Effective promotion of the image of the company.

If you want to have a well-known brand, then this is the task of a PR company, not an optimizer. The development of a new recognizable brand is not an easy task, and in fact it has no relation to SEO tasks. To find services for the name of your company (primary), you need to successfully select and certify a brand. We need a successful advertising company - television, radio, newspapers. Infusion in various advertising. Creating a solid customer base, deserve a positive image for the company, get positive feedback on services, and you can easily “sharpen” the slogan and stick a resource into the visible area of ..PS issuance. Correct site search optimization is not mailing, not banners on an outside resource, but working with text and template code, “building” a quality project structure, responsive adaptive design, photo. The initial setting will last from one to three months, sometimes this time increases (there are many factors here). And this is only purely the work of a specialist, and the results depend on the monopoly of the PS, there is no less work here, especially now when contextual advertising is taking over the market. Specialist's fees are high, but it is more profitable to pay for the work of a full-time master without an intermediary, and not to hire freelancers for one-time services.

Support by the strength of an experienced optimizer is a very good position in the issue and real results. The internal setting should have consistency, as well as the master of its implementation.

Optimizer - specialist in internal site configuration.

Website Optimizer is not a magician, but a serious specialist. Effective setting is a good alliance of the webmaster and the administrator. The promotion will begin with a study of the project and its capabilities. Some content and blocks are edited, cleaning the code, and the PS robot scans the last change, gives new positions only at the next issue update, sometimes it takes up to three weeks (positive results in Google appear much faster). Due to various circumstances, the scanning robot may not go to your site (the server “slows down”, there are other errors ...). Those masters are busy, they find the main mistakes and resolve them (to the best of their abilities and knowledge gained by experience). Internal optimization - serious work on the code, text, periodic control of copy-paste, the development of strategies for the presentation of the material. Identifying visitor priority, computing, tracking requests, inputs, outputs, appearance and loss of attention to the page. This tracking event maps, reporting, complete analysis, the creation of a unique text. Tracking the issue on the work done, learn new tricks, which are presented by Google and Yandex. Additional editing, in connection with the last event, sometimes you need to do a “rollback” to the previous version. Not always a simple procedure, but necessary.

Website attendance does not increase, so you need to identify the causes. Spammed the text, the abundance of key phrases, brute force with highlighted bold, italic, and subtle unsuccessful errors. You need to do a deep check, study the trends of visits, user behavior, configure usability (clear navigation), eliminate internal errors, bugs, eliminate broken links, monitor server availability (your website needs good hosting) and many other manipulations. To track these questions and need a knowledgeable master. A whole group of people can work on the project, but the external side in the process will be invisible. You will only watch the weekly movement of his "child" in growth. In response to their requests, the search engine issues new positions to the site. But it takes time, effective work on the site takes time before the start of growth! Unlike other methods, fine-tuning has the task of promoting sites to the best positions in the issue, and no more ... only advertising is higher, to which a knowledgeable person already reacts less often. Correctly configure the site code and raise it as a result of issuing PS, fix and repeat the revision of the new and old material. Forever high positions do not happen, everything flows and changes. There are also tricks, but hardly anyone will spread about them.

If your services are looking for, then the site should find quickly!

Tweaking code includes a huge list of mandatory rules, most of them are hidden from the reader. Creating and fine-tuning content is not an easy job, but systematic special work. The price of services is adequate, advice is free. The time of effective work depends on the duration of the events and the size of the budget, which means the energy spent, and not on the successfully purchased link (!). Setting up sites is profitable! She leads people on your private site, not tales of "eternal links."

The productive work of an SEO specialist (in many respects) depends on his financial interest. The greater the budget to help the site, the more return, then you need to find a compromise, go to the promotion or not. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap ... Either invest and get profit, or not invest and wait for a miracle. More spending - more revenue (and in arithmetic progression).

Need advice? Write, I will do a free analysis of the site and tell you, I will show weaknesses. I will not take the site into promotion, but I can help, I will give an adequate and correct answer. We provide remote support in the role of administrator. When I am out of the country, I turn off the phone. Write or contact in social networks (Vk more often), I will give advice. We are an experienced group and can help you. The region does not matter. We carry sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Rewards for specialist services are listed monthly!

I still live in Russia.