Service delivery plan and calculations:

  • Discuss aims and conditions of both sides
  • Define work schedule on basis of conditions discussed earlier
  • Negotiate the reward and payment scheme
  • Accept an order on website promotion
  • Accomplish work on ordered service
  • After completion and achievement of predefined goal make calculations

The cost of promotion depends on the overall amount of work and website competitive ability.

We offer website promotion services without prepayment.

  • Website optimization from 300€ per month;
  • Technical support from 250€ per month;
  • The price on website settings (creation of layout, design optimization, font, styles, etc.) depends on complexity of work and can only be decided individually.

We can offer price reduction for a site in lower competitive spheres.

Site promotion rates




Oriented on certain region

250€ /month


General improvement of positions in search results list

400€ /month


Site promotion aimed at achieving leading positions in search results based on the search terms with high popularity  

от 500€ /month


Supporting services

Information renewal

On request

Technical amendments

On request

Complex services to maintain site positions

from 200€ /month


Site optimization

Aimed at general code optimization and page layout

On request


Site creation

Installation of CMS on server (WordPress), creation of database

Free of charge

Content management. Content modification: page layout, style, design, etc.


Easily available information on products and services. Main criteria – simple for understanding, basic design, management system.

from 400€

For organizations – corporate project approach. Site for further development. Fully adjusted layout, code and layout optimization for functioning in competitive environment.


Rates on site creation and maintenance for social welfare organizations and creative industries are set separately, on lower tariffs.  

As an exception we provide free services for talented people.

Promotion of services