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People search for website optimizer or SEO expert much more frequently nowadays as they realize the importance of online presence and experience ineffective work of their websites. The number of companies and freelancers offering optimization services is enormous and it is difficult to find an optimal solution. In this article we will define all the difficulties you may face in this process and help you find the best option for your website.

A good website optimizer

SEO optimizer is a professional in search engine optimization, not a link seller. Good specialists are difficult to find. They are too busy to advertise themselves and already have a wide client base. Investing in website optimization you earn much more, which is why SEO specialists are highly demanded. What optimizers do is a hard, constant work.

How to find a right optimizer?

It is easy to find a website optimizer. Go through top 10 websites for your search term, look at the links at the bottoms. As a rule, those are an author or an optimizer of a project. After that check the company’s portfolio and test the results they present there.

You can also hire an optimizer of your more successful competitor. He/she is already experienced in the sphere of your competence and you can easily see the results and fully entrust your website to this specialist.

Be aware of...

  • Do not trust the companies/individuals that promise you the best results in no time. The right optimization is a serious, time-consuming process. No optimizer can provide lasting results in a short period of time.
  • If an optimizer is too active in self-marketing, presenting in social networks, blogs and forums, they are most likely beginners with little experience and use professional optimizers themselves.
  • Wealthy companies employ optimizers that bear no responsibility for their work. You pay 80% more for the trappings and get either unsatisfactory results or notice in case of failure: “Search engines’ relevance alteration”.
  • Many unreliable optimizers can be found on freelance exchanges and in social networks. Most of them have fake portfolios, reviews and are absolutely unqualified.
  • Avoid banners featuring “SEO services” or “SEO promotion”. They seem unreliable and usually are useless.
  • Looking for a specialist in catalogues is not the best option as they do not say anything about an optimizer.
  • Do not respond to bulk mail distribution, calls from agencies and other spam in forms of intrusive advertisement – those are the efforts to attract new clients to substandard services.

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An optimizer can live anywhere in the world, it does not affect the efficiency. I work from Russia, Europe and USA and manage it in the best way. Sometimes I get an invitation to work in office, but I do not work with intermediaries. In any case I am in touch any time of a day and whenever I am at the moment.

I have never created marketing strategies to promote my services, but I work in various spheres with respective remuneration. Promotion is a rewarding work. This is how the clients find me. I work alone and my client base is already formed. It mostly consists of construction companies.

Good luck in your biznes in webspice!

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